Technologies that abate difficulties and empower people with disabilities

We have accessible answers for you!

Our mission

People with disabilities live with all kinds of challenges every day.  We at Abate & Empower analyze those challenges and come up with creative and robust solutions.

There's Living

Life is difficult!  Add to that a physical disability and every day can become overwhelming and daunting.  

The more systems we have that abate and ease those difficulties the less disabled we become!

And There's Living

Just because we have physical disabilities does NOT mean we can't take part in fun, exciting and yes, thrilling activities.  Life is not just meant to be lived but meant to be lived to the fullest.  Do you want to kayak?  We have a solution for that.  Do you want to glide in sailplanes?  We have a solution for that too!

So leave your disability at the door, lets get empowered and start living life to the fullest!